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LinkedIn Makes It Easy For Job Applicants With One-Click Application Button

Sites include . Published on July 27th, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

In business you always want to play to your strengths and no other company does business-oriented social networking like LinkedIn. LinkedIn Job Application Button

The social networking site has added some really useful tools and features lately and it seems that they have outdone themselves again. LinkedIn has just launched what is being called the “Apply with LinkedIn” button, and from the feedback so far, this new tool is already a hit with employers and job applicants alike.

The premise of the button is simple, and it operates much like the Google+1 button or the Facebook Like button. All an employer has to do is embed their application on their website with the LinkedIn “Apply” button. The job applicant then simply clicks the button and just like that, their application is submitted.

Now, you are probably wondering where the content for the application comes in, right? This is where LinkedIn’s new tool really shines, because simply lets you submit your LinkedIn profile as your resume. When you consider that maintaining a LinkedIn profile is dead easy, the new tool works out to be very handy indeed.

LinkedIn feels that applying for a job in this way is the future, and they could very well be right. Already people are storing resumes online, and many people are already using their LinkedIn profiles to pitch themselves to potential employers—both within and outside of the LinkedIn environment.

It’s too early to tell if the button will be abused, forcing employers to remove it from their sites, but at its most basic, the idea is sound.

Do you use LinkedIn to source jobs? Watch the video below to see how LinkedIn works.

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