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Yahoo Gets Desperate For Hulu

Sites include , . Published on July 26th, 2011. Written by Debbie Parker.

Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and Apple are all rumored to be interested at Hulu. There are speculations that Yahoo could be the successful bidder when the time comes. They say that Yahoo’s desperation might win it over the rest of the field.

Analysts said that Apple and Hulu’s principles are incompatible with each other that it would be hard to make any deal work. Apple can’t support the free- ad-infused structure of Hulu. Their pricing models are too different with each other. Hulu would abandon its identity with Apple.

But it things would be ironed out between Apple and Hulu then it would greatly boost Apple TV. Hulu has a wide range of subscription content and Apple could offer it to its loyal consumers. Hulu can also be assured that the business would be managed properly.

Microsoft was an early contender for Hulu but it became uninterested with the video streaming company. After the first round of bidding, it decided it didn’t want it and pulled out of the competition. There is still some chance that the company would go back to the table and negotiate something with Hulu.

Among the buyers, Yahoo is the most desperate one. It has disappointing revenue and its investor relations have been declining. Acquiring Hulu could give the company a big boost in challenging its competitors’ digital content services. But Hulu’s $2 billion asking price might be a little steep for the struggling company.

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