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Google Looking To Steal Hulu From Yahoo & Completely Dominate The Web

Sites include , . Published on July 3rd, 2011. Written by Anthony West.

All right, I’ll tone it down a bit, perhaps “steal” is too strong a word. Maybe a better word is lure. Reports are that Google is trying to secure a deal that would see Hulu, the 10th most popular video destination online, stream it’s content in partnership with Google. At present Hulu has an arrangement with Google’s long-time nemesis, Yahoo.

This move is not entirely surprising, given that Google has been flirting with the idea of premium video content for quite some time. It’s foray with Google TV and recently “Youtube Next”, was an obvious attempt by the tech giant to manoeuvre it’s way into the premium content space. If it can seduce Hulu from the arms of Yahoo, Google will move from being a 900 pound Gorilla to Godzilla.

All this raises the important question of how all this conquest will affect the rest of us. Google pretty much has some form of control in every aspect of the core activities on the web. One wonders how it will contain itself and live by it’s motto “don’t be evil”. After all, power corrupts, and absolute power, corrupts absolutely. If the recent subpoena by the FTC is any indication, Google is already using it’s weight, and not in a very good way.

One thing is certain though, the battle for online dominance is certainly heating up. With Facebook planning to launch something “awesome” next week, and IPOs popping up all over the place, I expect there should be lots of blood and gore in the online coliseum. Should be fun to watch.

Watch the video below to see some juicy analysis of the battle for Hulu…

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