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Google Maps Removed From iOS 5

Sites include . Published on June 26th, 2011. Written by Debbie Parker.

Apple decided to forego the Google Maps in its iOS 5 in favor of an in-house mapping solution. This was discovered by some people who read the new system’s legal disclaimers. There’s a new section in the fine print called Map Data that lists the licenses from several mapping companies such as CoreLogic, Increment P Corp, Getchee, Localeze, DMTI, MapData Sciences, TomTom, Waze, and Urban Mapping.  google maps

With all the data Apple can gather from the services, it could come up with a mapping service that can rival Google Maps on the iPad and iPhone. The supposed Apple map app could use Urban Mapping data to show crime rates and demographics on the map. Information from Waze can be used to crowd source traffic data.

This is purely speculations until Apple comes out with an official word on its plans regarding Google Maps and its own map app to replace it. Earlier this year Apple was said to be looking for developers to work on iOS maps.

On the other hand, Apple’s move might be a preemptive one. Google just renewed its contract with Apple. It looks like there’s a chance that we would still see Google Maps on iOS 5.

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