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Hackers Target Hotmail and Yahoo Mail

Sites include , . Published on June 7th, 2011. Written by Debbie Parker.

Trend Micro reported that Yahoo mail and Microsoft’s Hotmail are targeted by hackers and other phishing attempts. The online security firmed discovered a phishing attack the tried to steal users’ cookies in Yahoo mail service.  yahoo hacked

The company uncovered a malware that can list the programs installed in targets’ computers. This could lead to more précised attacks in the future. The hackers can make a précised attacks by targeting vulnerable software. This type of attack has a high success rate.

Trend Micro added that the hackers were not successful in compromising Yahoo Mail users but that wouldn’t stop hackers from looking for more ways in the future.

The attacks were first monitored by Mila Parkour, a researcher. She said that the hackers are monitoring the compromised users’ email account as well as use a script that would find out the time of antivirus program the victim has installed on the system.

Trend Micro said that it has already alerted Yahoo about the attempt to exploit its Yahoo Mail service via stealing users’ cookies in order to access their email accounts. Users must be careful not to open emails with attachments, even if the email came someone close to them. There are instances where hackers send out emails using accounts they already control.

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