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Zynga Launches New Combat Game

Sites include . Published on June 3rd, 2011. Written by Debbie Parker.

Farmers who are already tired of planting and harvesting from their virtual farms in Farmville might want to try out the latest game from Zynga. Empires & Allies will be the first strategy combat game from the social gaming giant. It will be available in 12 separate languages.  empires allies

The game will incorporate the strategy from previous Zynga games, like Cityville and Frontierville, with a combat game. Players must be able to defend his island from invaders while at the same prepare for war.

It feels like a modern version of Risk where players create an army, recruit friends, and meet allies and villains as they venture to enemy territory. Each island has its own boss villain. Empires & Allies is a social, strategy combat game.

Players must build his empire, mobilize his troops, fight with friends, complete goals, and venture to neighboring empires. AS players visit neighboring empires, they can help out to gain Honor points. It is similar to the concepts found in Farmville and any other Zynga game.

Zynga has been one of the most popular social gaming companies today. It has revenue of $1.8 billion and hopes to raise at least $500 million when it goes public. Its projected value is around $10 billion.

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