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QuickTumblr Is a New Entry in the Field of Blogging on the Go

Sites include . Published on April 17th, 2011. Written by Debbie Parker.

Nowadays there are a lot of apps due to which the way we do on-the-go have been changed. But as for blogging, the options have remained limited in quality as well as quantity. It is hoped that QuivkTumblr will be able to raise the bar a bit.

 QuickTumblr QuickTumblr is created specifically for Tumblr, which is known to be the super-simple blogging service. Apart from easy posting of animated “reblog” and GIFs, it is also considered to be a long and short-form multimedia blogging service of choice, due to its flexible and polished nature.

QuickTumblr is focused on penning text posts, but it abandons other typed of posts that are supportive by Tumblrs, i.e. chats, links as well as videos. It is possible for users to write in Markdown or HTML. Apart from that one can take advantage of your TextExpander snippets as well as use custom keyboard. There are also formatting tools that can be used for crafting posts. It is even possible to add photos from Safari as well as camera roll.
Moreover, it is also supportive to sending posts to queue of Tumblr for saving drafts, scheduled publishing, posting to multiple group blogs and toggling twitter publishing.

QuickTumblr is not regarded as a full Tumblr client, it lacks Twitter-like Tumblr dashboard that is used for liking, following as well as reblogging posts from other users.

QuickTumblr is available for $3. As for your iPad, it should run iOS 4.2 or later versions.

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