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Evernote Is Becoming More Sociable

Sites include . Published on April 14th, 2011. Written by Debbie Parker.

Evernote is now in the middle of a social transformation. The company has recently upgraded its web application so as to include Facebook sharing. On Tuesday, the startup has rolled out a sharing-optimized version of Evernote that is designed for Windows.

 Evernote Due to the upgrade users will be able to share their notes on Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, users are able to better share and manage their notebooks. Apart from that they are able to view notebooks that are shared inside the application.

Each will have a share button that is enabled with four options, such as post to Facebook, send by email, post to Twitter as well as copy note URL to clipboard.

Sharing through Evernote is now simpler. As a matter of fact, users are able to notice a “shared” tab that is included to the notebook list, due to which users are able not only manage setting as well as share notebooks, but also view notebooks of other users of Evernote that have shared with them.

Eevernote for Windows has also a few minor enhancements. With the Status Bar users will see character and word count for notes. Moreover, there is find and replace which is considered to be a typical feature.

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