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MySpace: Unfolding Drama of Social Network

Sites include . Published on March 28th, 2011. Written by Debbie Parker.

The situation with MySpace is going even worse. According to comScroe, the traffic of MySpace dropped 14.4 percent during the first two months of this year.

 MySpace As visiting of MySpace is falling at the speed of light, News Corp. is trying to accelerate the process of selling its once-popular social network by slashing its prices. Back in 2005 the company acquired MySpace for $580 million. The social network may become a bargain for someone with a price tag ranging between $50 million to $200 million. Despite that fact that News Corp. is going to participate in the social gaming action with Zynga, developers of FarmVille disclosed that the social network will not become part of the equation.

Initially, many people thought that the bad situation of MySpace was just a rumor, but later the social network revealed that it is unable to keep up with the changes happened in social networking. It is not about sites’ statistics, but more likely about apps, such as Agor, which is known to be a location-based mach-up, Color, a photo-sharing app as well as Twilio, which is considered to be a group video and texting chat.

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