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Zynga Reveals New Rewards System

Sites include . Published on March 16th, 2011. Written by Chad Buenaflor.

Zynga just announced at the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) which is currently held in Texas a new rewards system for its millions of followers. The old rewards system only allowed you to use a reward you earned on a particular game on that game alone. Since Zynga has lots of popular social games such as CityVille, FarmVille and Mafia Wars to name a few they made improvements to this system to make a better social gaming environment.

The latest rewards system allows players to transfer your rewards such as virtual goods or money from one game to another. You will now also be able to share it with your friends who are just starting the game, making it easier for them to get ahead.

The introduction of this latest rewards system by Zynga will further boost its already popular social games which can be played at Facebook. The company boasts of 250 million players enjoying its various social games.

Here is a list of their popular games that are covered by this new system:

  • CityVille
  • FarmVille
  • Zynga Poker
  • FrontierVille
  • Mafia Wars
  • Café World
  • Treasure Isle
  • YoVille
  • PetVille
  • Vampire Wars

Zynga started in 2007 by Marc Pincus and was named after his American Bulldog “Zinga”.

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