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Apple and Adobe to Burry Hatchet Because of New Ads?

Sites include , . Published on March 4th, 2011. Written by Debbie Parker.

It looks like the relationship between Adobe and Apple are going to change as it is speculated that Adobe will provide support for the iPad in a range of new ads.

 Apple-and-Adobe On March 3 the branding campaign will be first launched in order to educate consumers about a range of products offered by the company. An initial ad shows the iPad design of Martha Stewart Living. It was created by means of Digital Publishing Suite of Adobe.

Last year both companies had a fight over Flash. Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, said that Flash would not be necessary for mobile devices in the near future and decided to ban it for the iPad and iPhone. As a result, Adobe released a campaign, known as ““We ♥ Apple.”

About a year later, John Travis revealed that Apple’s spat was some sort of a wake-up call for the company as many people are not familiar with full breadth of Adobe’s products. The campaign is also expected to feature other Adobe users, including T-Mobile, MTV, as well as American Eagle.

Although Apple is not supportive to Flash, there are still 20 million mobile devices that take advantage of Flash. It is already known that the Motorola Xoom lacks support for Flash, but it is promised by the company to add Flash this spring.

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