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Tumblr Keeps Growing At A Phenomenal Rate

Sites include . Published on February 1st, 2011. Written by Aditya Rayaprolu.

Tumblr, the popular mixed-blogging service, has reported that it has been growing at an exciting rate, and that it had not anticipated such huge amount of growth in so little time. According to Tumblr’s founder David Karp, the website is getting more than a quarter billion page impressions every week, which is quite impressive. However, the service has been buggy lately, with large amounts of downtime, which can be attributed to the fact that the company could not keep up with the demand of the users. That is why many users have complained about the performance of the website.

Even with all the complaints, there has not been an decrease in the activity of the site, and there are thousands of users who are signing up each day, to get the best kind of  blogging service that they’ve ever seen and experienced. Tumblr offers users the chance to maintain their blog in the way they want, with the exact kind of tools that they’re looking for. So a user could update his blog with text, voice, video or photos.  While this is certainly not a new concept, Tumblr has made it very easy to implement for the average user, which is the reason behind its success.

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  1. Tumblr is great! I moved my WP self hosted blog to Tumblr and I’ve been getting more interaction. I hope they improve their commenting system though and their text are for publishing is just too tiny. Those are just some of my gripes. I also wish they have a desktop application for windows and Mac.

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